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Alex and Sandy were two normal guys just trying to get through college. That is, until their troublemaking hamster, Echiboo, gets them thrown out of their dorm rooms. With nowhere else to turn, the boys move into an anime clubhouse with five crazed yaoi fangirls calling all the shots!

Elle's obsessively high-strung, Nina's too laid back for her own good, Jessica's a total tease, Maria's a shy and reserved bookworm, and Morgan's just plain bonkers! Toss 'em all together and you've got a harem comedy that's truly like none other!

Aoi House first began its life as a gag-a-day "web manga" on January 24, 2005 on Seven Seas' Gomanga.com website penned by Adam Arnold with art by Jim Jimenez (click here to read the original version). The series was an instant hit and would run for 36 installments before being relaunched as a full-blown original manga series with Amazing Agent Luna artist Shiei taking over art duties.

Aoi House would go on to...
- Run for 4 outstanding years on the web as a webcomic (from 01/24/05-01/31/2009);
- Be collected across 4 trade paper backs(Aoi House Vol. 1 & 2, Aoi House In Love! Vol. 1 & 2), 2 omnibus editions (Aoi House Omnibus Collection 1 & 2), and various ebook editions for the iPad, Kindle, and Nook;
- Have a color, 4-panel Aoi House gag strip appear monthly in Newtype USA magazine (from January '6-December '07);
- Be chosen by IGN.com as the #3 best manga of 2006;
- Spawn a loyal fanbase that loved the series enough to draw their own fan art and even full-blown fan comics/doujinshi such "Yaoi Pets" and "Swapped";
- Have a Theme Song entitled "Itsumo Futaride" created by the J Brothers in not one but 3 flavors (Gal Version, Guy Version, and Instrumental);
- And see Seven Seas creating a full-blown Aoi House: Music Video!

Oh, and did we mention that our current supernatural comedies Vampire Cheerleaders and Paranormal Mystery Squad both share the same universe as Aoi House? Yep, it's one big "Aoiverse"!


Alex is the Everyman. Not gym crazy, but quasi-athletic. He keeps his hair long, but in a ponytail. He is neither too preppy nor too grungy. Alex tries to at least keep up with the latest fashion trends as much as he can, though. Alex is not a complete otaku type; he's one part regular guy and one part otaku, and relies on his pal Sandy for his anime fix. Between the two of them, Alex is the ringleader, and the one who is more sociable and presentable in public. But when it comes to otaku-related pursuits, he defers to Sandy's obsessive expertise.

Sandy is the absolute epitome of an obsessed otaku. His hair is always slightly unkempt and he dresses in various anime, comic book and sci-fi themed T-shirts. While not grossly overweight, Sandy is chubby and pale skinned. He sunburns very easily, but does enjoy the beach (because of the girls). Sandy gets easily worked up over things that a sane person would not, and tends to drool and sweat profusely.

Echiboo is a pet. He shall squeak from time to time, but never talks. The spots on the little rascal's head are slightly reminiscent of those found on the character of Ebichu, but have other unique patterns elsewhere on its body. Whenever not in his cage, Echiboo loves exploring his new surroundings in his uber-cute hamster ball. However, Echiboo is a troublemaker to the core and can't help but eating holes in the girl's tennis shorts and dragging out panties whenever he gets on the loose.

Drop-dead gorgeous with a fashion sense to match. Elle always stands out in the crowd and her parents are loaded. She is high-strung, demanding and dominating, but is a natural-born leader. She can spring into dominatrix mode at the drop of a pin.

Shorter than all the other girls and constantly cheerful. Has freckles. Total troublemaker, but is truly endearing and loveable in all her over-the-top antics. Other than that, she's pretty much indescribable.

Born and bred in the United States, this hot Asian cutie knows she has what guys like and she knows how to flaunt them. Yes, she is nothing but curves, curves and more curves! Her radiant beauty and shapeliness is to die for. She is the kind of person that once she latches on to someone, loves to mother them or tease them--whichever suits her mood at the moment, but she is a genuinely kind person.

Stunning legs that are quite muscular due to being a Synchronized Swimmer. Inversely her bust size is smaller than average. Nina likes to keep her hair short and thus gives off a rather tomboyish appearance. Unlike Elle, she is not hostile to the boys, but is mostly indifferent to them. She thinks that they're whining wimps, and non-entities, and has no qualms about walking around naked in front of them, since they are not the objects of her affection. Nina is also a habitual smoker, which irritates Elle to no end.

Maria is very smart and can easily excel in school; unfortunately, she is very shy and often does not stand out in a crowd. You might not notice it by glancing at her, but she has very large breasts-even larger than Jessica's! She tries to keep her huge breasts a secret by wearing unflattering clothes and keeping her arms crossed a lot--but she's not always successful in hiding them; they seem to have a mind of their own, much to Maria's supreme embarrassment.

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