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Vampire Cheerleader News

APRIL 25, 2013
After some character cameos in Vampire Cheerleaders, Shiei and I are currently hard at work on the first new Aoi House story in five years (has it really been that long?!). The thirty-page story is entitled Aoi House: The Lost Chapters – “The New Member” and features the previously-untold adventure that transpired when goth girl Stephanie Kane and her pet, Babs the Bat, joined a certain anime club we all know and love. The fun starts here on ZoomComics.com in mid-June!

FEBRUARY 01, 2012
Anyone like to do flash animation? We’ve updated the Aoi House Music Video with a "Creative Commons Attribution license" and released a zip that contains all the original (.FLA) work files that were used to make that video. If you’ve ever wanted to do your own REMIX or are just curious to see how it was made (and what was left on the cutting room floor), you can grab a copy of the files here. (Note: the RAR file is 30.4 MB.)

NOVEMBER 30, 2011
In December, we're going to start running a page of Aoi House every day of the week. So be sure to check back on the weekends for even more crazy hijinks!

OCTOBER 15, 2011
Be sure to check out the Aoi House Extras Page for a bunch of new artwork... including the return of the Aoi House Membership Cards! (The Membership Card images are at the bottom in the "Other Goodies" section.)

OCTOBER 12, 2011
In case you missed the surprise cameo by a certain Aoi House character in our two recent Vampire Cheerleaders updates, here are a pair of direct links so you can see what she's been up to!
http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/surprise_guest_judge http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/the_hepburn_factor

AUGUST 22, 2011
Wow. It's hard to believe that it's been over 6 years since Aoi House first premiered on Gomanga.com. And here we are kicking off a special "encore" presentation here on ZoomComics.com where we'll be rerunning the entire 4-volume series five times a week (each weekday) so you can experience the birth of the "Aoiverse" from its crazy beginnings!
But still, 2005 feels like a lifetime ago. I was 23 at the time, had just quit a life-force sucking job at an tech support call center, was doing book rewrites for Tokyopop, freelancing for Wizard's Anime Insider off and on, working with a great group of fans on the webzine Animefringe: Online Magazine in my spare time... while also starting to get more heavily involved with Seven Seas Entertainment. And I had this wild idea for a fandom comedy about two guys who get shacked up with this anime club run by some pretty crazy chicks that I was trying to get off the ground. It was a very...scary, yet exciting time. And it's also the same period that Seven Seas was doing some of its most experimental and off-the-wall ideas.
Case-in-point... The Aoi House THEME SONG and MUSIC VIDEO. Yes, Aoi House has a music video. And if you haven't seen it, you absolutely HAVE to check it out...

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